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Reference of Common Links and Documents Under Review

Common Links:

Project, Committee and Council Member Progress Report Form, please complete by second week of each month for the previous month (google form, 11 May 2021) OPEN LINK or DOWNLOAD or TUTORIAL
Guidance in using W&S calendars (PDF, 21 April 2021) OPEN LINK
W&S Internal Calendar webpage (website, 21 April 2021) OPEN LINK

Documents Under Review:

Including Low Impact Development (LID) in municipal ordinances- Resources: OPEN LINK and OPEN LINK
Advisory Committee seeking approval of two letters of support for Westerly:
1) To RI Department of Transportation (MS Word, 26 July 2021) DOWNLOAD
2) To Southeast New England Program (SNEP) (MS Word, 26 July 2021) DOWNLOAD

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