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Reference of Common Links and Documents Under Review

Common Links:

Project, Committee and Council Member Progress Report Form, please complete by second week of each month for the previous month (google form, 11 May 2021) OPEN LINK or DOWNLOAD or TUTORIAL
Guidance in using W&S calendars (PDF, 21 April 2021) OPEN LINK
W&S Internal Calendar webpage (website, 21 April 2021) OPEN LINK
W&S Community Grants webpage, on under Stewardship Plan (website, October 2021) OPEN LINK

Documents Under Review:

Projects Committee Recommends approving the following three grant proposals:

1 & 2. Westerly Land Trust Proposals for Acquisition of Cottrell Family Preserve and Water Quality Monitoring at Mastuxet Brook OPEN LINK

3. Town of Richmond – Beaver River Park Grassland Habitat Management Plan And Habitat Management OPEN LINK

Looking for consistent updates on 7 Rivers Festival? Check under 7 Rivers Festival Tab and the associated social media pages.

The Advisory Committee renamed the Conservation Inventory to the Watershed Environmental Resource Map and this map is final. A tutorial update is underway.

The Water Trails interactive map is finalized as well.

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