Seeking a Consultant

Join the Stewardship Council this winter and spring as an Event Planner! Applications for this contracted position welcome until January 31st, 2022.


In March 2019, U.S. Congress designated seven rivers within the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed as part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. As a result, the Stewardship Council formed as a multi-stakeholder group with representation from 12 towns within the watershed. The Stewardship Council works to preserve, protect, and enhance the special environmental, cultural, and recreational values of the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed. This includes hosting interactive, educational, and celebratory events to highlight the importance of these valuable resources.

About this position:

The Stewardship Council seeks an experienced and enthusiastic Event Planner to assist the Council in developing, coordinating, and implementing a watershed-wide signature event. This umbrella-event consists of many small, river-related activities taking place in many towns within one weekend. The event planner will coordinate with local groups to develop and host events to celebrate the Wood-Pawcatuck Wild and Scenic Rivers.


The signature event is scheduled to occur June 25-26, 2022. Applications welcome before end of day January 31st, 2022. This position is scheduled to begin in February 2022 and end in early July 2022.

Click Here for details on the position and on submitting a proposal. Direct questions to Lauren Bonatakis (, Natural Resource Specialist with the National Park Service, or Kassi Donnelly (, Wild and Scenic Rivers Coordinator for the Stewardship Council and the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association.

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